When we all start out in the education system, we don’t think about what lies ahead of us in the future. When we start primary school, the only thing we are worried about then, is if we will get the toy we like to play with, can I make new friends, when’s lunch and when is my mum coming to pick me up. However, as we move through the system, we learn about the many benefits of education and what it can do to improve our lives. We then start looking towards secondary schools and if that works out, then university. University is when your life changes and you get to decide your future. There are many benefits to going to university and we will discuss some of them now.

  1. Better Job Prospects – When you submit your first resume, the employer is looking for experience in most cases, but increasingly the first thing they look for is whether or not you have the minimum of a bachelors degree. Because of the small numbers of jobs available and the large number of applicants, employers need to find a way to reduce the numbers to a manageable amount. In order to do this they need to set parameters of what it is they are looking for. The first thing is a good education and if you don’t have one, then you will be added to the wrong pile.
  1. Meet New Friends – In order to get into a university you must go through the various processes and making sure that you get through clearing in 2018 is your first step to a spot in a university. Clearing gets you through all the paperwork and administration when going through the UCAS system. Once you are accepted, then this will be the perfect opportunity to make new friends. These new people in your life will probably still be your friends in ten or twenty years time. It is a great opportunity to bond and make friends who can prove to be useful later when you are looking for a job.
  1. Gain Your Independence–Once you have decided to accept your place in a university, it is very likely that it won’t be near your current home and you will have to move away. This is a big move for most people because it is the first time that you will be away from your parents and the many friends that you have made. It can be a difficult time, but also an exciting one. However, getting everything done for you like your laundry and your meals will now stop and you now have to take care of yourself. This is when you learn to be independent and to stand on your own two feet. It is an important milestone in your life and it’s probably the first time that you will get yourself a job to help pay for your bills.

Attending university is a great time in your life and one which we should all be striving towards as teenagers. It is a daunting time in our lives but when you look back years later, you won’t have any regrets.