Author: Quincy Rex

  • Now that the H1b lottery is over, it’s time to think about health insurance

    This year's h1b lottery (also known as h1b抽签) has come to an end, whether you are waiting for approval or applying for other types of visas, you need to consider your health insurance in the

  • How to Stick to Your Debt Repayment Plan

    You’re trying to get a handle on your finances so you’ve reached out to your creditors with the hopes of making a new payment arrangement. As you sit back and analyze everything you realize just

  •  Covering the Cost of Continuing Your Education Courses

    You want to take some college or professional courses to further your career. There are plenty of community colleges, universities, and online institutions with an array of courses you can choose

  • Pick up a new language to sharpen your mind!

    Learning a new language is always an interesting proposition. You not only add to your language skills, it also helps in sharpening the mind and is a great way to learn about a culture, its origins

  • Three Handy Tips For Acing Microsoft Certification Tests

    As one of the most prominent hardware and software companies in the world, Microsoft is a major part of the IT industry. And that means when you are working with IT infrastructure at any business,

  • Why is reading an important part of learning?

    Reading is an important part of learning because it gives the child the knowledge. Many a times, we see children not paying attention in class. Often what is being said by the teacher is not received

  • Help with Basic and Complex Concepts at Sec 3 Physics Tuition Online

    At sec 3 physics tuition, the tutor would prepare you to take on basic and complex concepts in physics at the secondary 3 level. The tutor would guide the students in a meticulous manner during the

  • Learning New Language – Tips To Get Fluent

    Learning a new language can be a lot beneficial, especially if someone is up for visiting a non English speaking country. Be it for studies or conducting a business, be it for meeting up someone in

  • Get good education with the help of A level chemistry tuition

    Many students try to avoid self-biological chemicals. The average student brain set on the budget sets all the external costs to save, what is possible without the search of external sources, and the

  • University of California—Berkeley

    Do you know how to choose a school when studying in the United States(美国留学)? If you choose a school, you need to be cautious, considering all aspects, because it is the place you will