Remember Application, Not Pure Content

An efficient driver knows when to apply the brakes or accelerate driving. Be that as it may, the driver may not comprehend the bare essential points on to what extent it takes for the car from 0 to 100kmh-1 or to what extent the car takes to arrive at a stop. This demonstrates that understanding proper methodologies to apply ideas is more imperative than remembering the account behind every idea.

A similar rationale can be connected to a student’s correction in Economics. The day preceding the exams, rather than constraining yourself to recollect all substance, you should recap Mr. Koh’s economics tuition parachute ideas relating to every theme (allude to next six pages). E.g. the subject on “Demand and Supply” isn’t such a great amount about the variables influencing D/S/PED/PES, as it is about the accompanying parachute ideas:

  • Explaining the effect on a market;
  • Explaining procedure strategy; and
  • Disclosing government support to help customers or makers.

By working in reverse and understanding what the key expectations are, it is constantly simpler for understudies to handle exam questions.


Keep in mind, considering hard to obtain content is another thing. Knowing how to answer and use content in the answer is the key that you have to obtain to begin scoring in your exams.

In any case, here’s the issue that most students may confront about the scope of inquiries that can be tried under a particular subject. Regardless of whether the region which you considered was tried, you are uncertain if your application is right.

The fact of the matter is – examiners realize that most students’ shortcomings lie in application abilities, and they would set out to reword ideas into apparently new structures in examination questions. This separates the good and bad scorers.

To solve this problem, students must see that questions may take an alternate frame, however the basic ideas would stay same. In that context, there are grounds to consider standard structures of an essay (which can in this way be changed to line up with the specific circumstance).

Mr Koh’s economics tuition has the perfect methods to help students understand the concepts and therefore apply them, rather than simply memorizing the content.